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Phoenix (aka Marvel Girl) and Mike Haggar: New Characters for Marvel vs Capcom 3

Written on January 08, 2011 by Chris Martin

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Phoenix aka Marvel Girl and Mike Haggar jumps into Marvel vs Capcom 3 character roster.

With just less than a month before 3 is released, still found some time to tease the players on the they’ll be able to play once the game is out. And we got no less than aka Girl and .

Expect some fiery action with Marvel’s strongest entity alive as Phoenix’s moves spell deadly all over. Of course they won’t make her as super powerful as the comic book, that would be just too much (although we’d like to see how she can one shot every single character in the game). Her special attacks are beyond amazing as she psionically burns her opponent down with every, that’s right, EVERY move. For those who love hand-to-hand combat, ’s Mike Haggar comes into the fray with his wrestling moves that will certainly please those who misses Zangief.

Hit the break for the videos of the two new characters of .

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