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Runes of Magic Players Under Virtual Hostage Crisis

Written on January 17, 2011 by Chris Martin

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A virtual hostage crisis over at Runes of Magic game? See, this is what happens if you play a game too seriously.

players in Europe are under siege as one of its users claims to have hacked the game’s databases. He is currently threatening German operators to meet his demands or else face dire player privacy consequences.

At the Runes of Magic forums, username claims that he currently holds access to 3.5 million account names and passwords that he can easily dissiminate in public unless he gets what he wants from the game’s Wester operator, . The enraged player’s demands include ’s easing up on its strict moderation at the game forums, transparency of practices with its customers, and ironically a better online security of the user’s details.

The game operator responded that the reports are “outdated” but will still treat the attack as a “serious criminal offense” as he has the German authorities informed.

Click here to see the official statement of the forums regarding the matter.

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