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Say Hello to the New Firefox 4 Beta 9

Written on January 17, 2011 by B Waldorf

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"Firefox 4 Beta is built for the way people use the Web today, offering more control over the browsing experience..."---Mozilla

has announced the ninth with an array of cool features—presenting the very “grown up” 4 . With a relatively mature development cycle and focusing on optimization and bug fixation. In a statement on the official blog, the organization indicates that this beta is ready for more widespread testing.

According to Mozilla,

is built for the way people use the Web today, offering more control over the browsing experience. It introduces a fresh look and features like App Tabs and Panorama to make it easier and more efficient to navigate the Web. Firefox 4 Beta also includes performance enhancements to make everything faster from start-up time to page-load speed and the performance of Web applications and games. Firefox Sync is integrated into the with Firefox 4 Beta, giving you access to your Awesome Bar history, bookmarks, open tabs and passwords across computers and smartphones.”

Firefox 4 gives the developers the ability to create more interactive Web apps and websites. Giving full support on HTML5, developers can now create new ways for people to enjoy the Internet. Including WebM and video, 3D graphic rendering with WebGL, hardware acceleration and the Mozilla Audio API to help create visual experiences for sound.

And as Mozilla puts it:

“We continue to improve and polish Firefox 4 Beta to ensure we deliver an awesome experience to our 400 million users around the world. We couldn’t do this without the help of our beta testers and their feedback. Please continue to test Firefox 4 Beta on your favorite websites and report issues with anything from games, video and music to graphics and forms through the Feedback button on the browser. We want to hear how we can improve the features of Firefox 4 Beta and performance on specific sites.”

We’ll give you a review on the browser update soon. Meanwhile, let us know what you think of this beta.

Download Firefox 4 here

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