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Say Hello to YouTube’s New Homepage

Written on January 24, 2011 by B Waldorf

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"So the goal of this experiment was to put more of an emphasis on videos for you." ---YouTube Team

If you open ,  you will notice a newly revamped homepage smiling right on your screen. This is no longer a test layout change, because declares it official.

The general aim of the new webpage is to make browsing and watching videos easy for you. On their blog, YouTube gave a clear statement about the changes made:

You may have noticed we’ve been experimenting with a new . After countless user studies and community surveys, one thing came in loud and clear: the homepage in its current form doesn’t mean much to most of you, and could be more personally relevant. So the goal of this experiment was to put more of an emphasis on “videos for you.”

The changes focused on the format and layout of the page with the main goal of increasing the amount of personalization of the video blog. Some alterations made are as follows:

• Increased focus on videos that matter to you (subscriptions, friend’s sharing, recommendations)
• You can easily filter your homepage to show only the latest uploads from your subscriptions
• Don’t miss anything; if a channel uploads four videos in a day, you’ll see all four – instead of just the latest video
• Quick access to the inbox when you have new messages or comments
• Knows what you have seen (videos you’ve watched are grayed out)
• Remove any video (hover and click the “x” button)

To view the full post, here’s a link to YouTube’s Blog.

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