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Sega Celebrates Sonic and Puyo Puyo Anniversaries

Written on January 03, 2011 by Chris Martin

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What other way to start off the year than Sega's press release of Sonic and Puyo Puyo's 20th anniversary.

We’ve barely come into 2011 and we’ve already got big news on our way as announced that one of their prized icons, and , will be celebrating their 20th this year.

Though still bleak on the details on how they’ll celebrate it, Sega promises that there will be alot of projects coming for these two legendary franchises. We can only guess that there will be compilation games of classic titles similar to what Nintendo has done with Mario. Sonic the Hedgehog: Anniversary, anyone?

Stay tuned as we’ll bring you hot-off-the-oven news about the anniversary celebration soon!

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