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Sony PSP2 and PlayStation Phone to be Officially Announced?

Written on January 19, 2011 by Chris Martin

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Will we finally hear the words "PSP2," "PlayStation Phone" and "Yes, they exist" come out of Sony's mouth?

Are we finally going to hear Sony admit that there will be a and a on the works? Well, that’s what we can hold on to as reports state that Sony Corp. is planning to unveil an updated PlayStation Portable (psp) handheld device on January 27 and a game-playing smartphone (?) in February at the in . All these right before Nintendo 3DS will finally be unleashed.

Nintendo and Apple has been certainly dominating the handheld category for quite awhile now. Despite the launch of the PSP-Go and other impressive games for the Sony handheld device, the company has yet to mark its territory as Nintendo and Apple climbs the proverbial ladder of handheld mobile phone and gaming success.

With the PSP2 and the Sony Ericsson PSPhone rumored to come around, what could these two possibly have that would catch our attention over the 3DS and iPhone? Let’s hope Sony has something up their sleeves that’s original and unique. So far, Microsoft is the only one that has threaten Nintendo’s domination thanks to the Xbox 360 Kinect, while the Move..? well.. yeah.

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