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Sony Unveils 3D Amazement at CES 2011

Written on January 06, 2011 by B Waldorf

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"The past year has been a good one for Sony, and we are stronger, leaner, and more profitable." ---Sir Howard Stringer, Sony CEO

Welcome to ! The much-awaited event is here and it started with some great surprises! Our first stop—.

Before Gadg list down the line-up, hear what Sir Howard Stringer what to say about the company:”The past year has been a good one for Sony, and we are stronger, leaner, and more profitable.”

Sony started the new year with a new line of gadgets that will stop people on their tracks. Not only did they launch the TVs we’ve been hearing since 2010, but the company also announced camcorders, point-and-shoot cameras, PlayStation products, a new phone line and a tablet. The new line of Sony’s products were announced by Sony’s CEO Sir Howard Stringer. We don’t want to keep you waiting, so here’s the rundown of what’s in store this 2011.

The Sony 3D TV

Sony brings back the VR. What appears at today is this 3D TV concept that literally brings you to your sci-fi dreams. Sony’s Personal Display looks like a headset from the early 90s but if you look inside what you’ll see will amaze you. Full HD 3D to each eye! Pictures are vivid, sharp, and the image so large it gives the impression of having your own private 3D cinema screen.  More than 65 million web-enabled TVs will be shipped worldwide by 2011.

The Sony Ericsson Arc

It runs the Android Gingerbread OS with a surprisingly thin 7mm screen. The first phone to carry a Reality Display technology, as well as Sony Mobile Bravia Engine. Equipped with TimeScape that offers a clean timeline of all the communications from tects, calls, emails and social networks. Showing off an 8 megapixel camera with 720p video recording.

The Sony Tablet

It’s confirmed that soon Sony will release its very own tablet to compete with the industry of handheld PCs. Sony left a very promising statement: “tablets are under developments as well.”

The Sony PlayStation 3

The all-time favorite PlayStation goes 3D with Move. They didn’t elaborate much on the PS3 since they focused more on Xperia Arc, Sony 3D TV and other 3Ds we’ll be seeing soon. But the Bikini 3D somehow caught our eyes. Sony provided 3D gaming which includes Gran Turismo 5 and Killzone 3. The kids and their parents can now sit down to watch a series of music videos in 3D.

The 3D Blu-Ray Player

The BDP-S780 is the first Skype-enabled Blu-Ray with Wi-Fi technology. Oh well, what amazed us is that it has the Wi-Fi connection that we never did expect to see.


Sony will unveil Bravia models that carries the 3D technology together with the the Qriocity, Sony’s music and movie distributor. Time Warner Cable offers a wide range of Sony products. It will be built-in with Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Qriocity, and use the X-reality picture engine. A wonderfully-crafted set of LED backlit HDTVs that supports 3D as well.


The Sony Vaio F-Series is equipped with 3D as well. It will go out in the market for  $1700 and includes an Intel Core i7 processor. It can be connected to 3D-compatible TVs and can even convert 2D to 3D video at the touch of a button.

The Sony 3D Handycam

The Handycam is back and now it goes 3D too. With a 3.5-inch glasses free LCD display, you won’t be needing glasses anymore. With a whooping 10x zoom it created double image sensors creating 3D. It sells at a price of $700. You can also have the Handycam as a projector.

The 3D

Sony’s Bloggie goes 3D. Now you can record files and blog it with 3D. It’s available for $250.

The Sony Cybershots

Is it possible to have a 3D enabled point-and-shoot camera? Sony gives you the answer. Their newest line of Cybershots are awesome, to the extent that yes, they can do 3D. They record HD videos, they’re 16MP and it only costs $220. Sony even provided 3D images taken from the Cybershot 3D line.

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