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Sony Welcomes AMD Fusion in VAIO Y Series; S Series Stays Intel Core

Written on January 06, 2011 by Chris Martin

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Looks like Intel is in deep trouble now that Sony has welcomed its chief competitor, AMD, into its line of mobile VAIOs.

We got ’s new Fusion APUs on one side, then ’s Sandybridge CPU on the other here at the . While both try to strike a chord to the crowd with their flashy processors in the , it seems Sony couldn’t care less as it welcomes both into the fray of their new line of . For the past years, Sony has been utilizing the power of Intel processors in their mobile computers. But recently, they unveiled that they’re using AMDs in some of their products now. Sony’s new has been refreshed with AMD’s Brazos E350 and from what we’ve heard, the electronics giant admits that it’s better than Intel’s Pentium processors.

The Y series gives amazing graphics at the same time long battery life. It will be available with 320GB or 500GB hard drives along with a 4GB RAM and will run with Windows Home Premium. Intel needs not to worry though as Sony’s powerful, ultraportable S series is buffed with their own Core .

The Sony Series, which is backed by Core processors, will still be available. But until when, only time can tell.

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