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St. Cloud City Installs LED Lights with Broadband Internet

Written on January 05, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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On Wednesday, hometown startup LVX Systems will begin installing light fixtures that transmit data via flickering LEDs. Imagine: added connectivity and less electric bill. That's awesome!

Starting this Wednesday, LVX Systems will install light fixtures that transmit data via flickering at St. Cloud City in Minnesota. Six municipal buildings in St. Cloud will be the recipient of fixtures comprised of clusters. These group of LEDs will broadcast computer bits to communicate with a special modem attached to a computer. The communication rate runs at roughly three megabits, or tantamount to a residential DSL line.

However, LVX’s light-based network won’t be replacing Wi-Fi. Nowadays, handheld devices and computers are designed to work with Wi-Fi rather than light. But for St. Cloud, this LED-based broadband Internet are more of a bonus since this technology can reduce lighting costs. Still, there are some possibilities that future devices can be equipped with both optical and radio receivers. That is if the will have a speed that is comparable to Wi-Fi. It will be a future wherein devices can take advantage of light-based transmission when warranted, and can fall back to Wi-Fi when necessary.

With consumers having additional Internet connection while reducing lighting costs, this innovation is something worth a try.

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