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Taco Bell Fail to Meet Beef Standard; Websites Show Conflicting Data

Written on January 26, 2011 by R. Depp

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Maybe it is time to try out an all-vegan diet; an Alabama law firm sues Taco Bell after finding out that the food chain uses only 35 (or is it 36) percent beef on their products.

As I was scouting for a story to write, I stumbled upon this topic about not meeting the right standard when it comes to their food product containing beef. I checked on several sources and I found some confusing data:

Fox News published on their article that according to Attorney Dee Miles, a lawyer from the Alabama frim which filed a lawsuit against Taco Bell, the meat mixture used by the food chain only amounts to 35 percent beef. This amount does not meet the required standard set by U.S. Department of Agriculture.

On the other hand, Gizmodo reported on their article that the Alabama law firm (the same firm mentioned on the article of Fox News) sued Taco Bell because it uses only 36 percent beef.

Is it 35 or 36 percent? Two websites and one confusing data. The only clear thing here is that more than 50 percent of taco filling consumed by people are actually mass of fibers, artificial additives and food coloring that are packed, shipped and cooked to look like beef.


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