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The Hottest and Floppiest Discoveries of 2010

Written on January 02, 2011 by B Waldorf

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As people change their calendars to 2011, All We Like looks back and see the discoveries that changed our lives. Check out All We Like's Floppiest and Hottest Discoveries of 2010.

The year 2010 paved the way for new things, especially in technology. People have seen small gizmos to big gadgets. The year gave tech geeks the new Facebook, the new iPhone, the new , the WikiLeaks issues, the fall of Digg and the power of . Humanity said goodbye to disappointments and clapped their hands for the biggest developments.

And now that 2010 already ended, All We Like looks back on the products that topped the list of biggest Hots and Nots. Who achieved the standing ovation and the disapproving look? Here’s AllWeLike’s Flop and Hot Discovery of 2010.

2010’s Hottest Discovery:

The year of the Tiger is a big year for Facebook and , as both companies made significant marks. And it wasn’t hard to approve that the year’s biggest win would be ’s iPad, the first tablet ever to hit the block. The Notebook sales dropped since the iPad was introduced by the technology giant. paved the way for the rise of the HTML5 that influenced a lot of developers and consumers.

But Apple in not through yet. iPad 2 will soon hit the globe and Apple’s supremacy will soon be rekindled as the year of the Rabbit replaces the Tiger.

2010’s Floppiest Discovery:

Google Buzz though created by Google didn’t make it to the hot spot. With the exception of YouTube, Google has so far failed in the social media department. Blogger, Orkut, Dodgeball, Picasa, Jaiku, Google Friend Connect, Google Latitude, , and Google Knowl have either been shut down or dominated by upstart competitors like Foursquare, Facebook, WordPress and Twitter.

Whether it serves as Google’s attempt to compete with Facebook or just plain social media, the Google Buzz isn’t that good enough for users. If Google will continue to create plausible applications, they’ll be akin to Microsoft. Popular and Famous but unable to grow.

There you have it. The hottest and floppiest discoveries of 2010. Happy guys!


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