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The Last Story and Yakuza of the End Details Unveiled

Written on January 16, 2011 by Chris Martin

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New characters, new zones, new gameplay mechanics, and zombies. The Last Story and Yakuza of the End seem on their way to stardom with the recently released details.

Looks like Japanese developers are on a roll these past couple of weeks. With the Nintendo 3DS banging our heads with all the hype and excitement, several games still manage to move through the thickness of the hysteria over the new console as and games detail , , and new gameplay mechanics.

We first turn our eyes to The Last Story where we are introduced to new characters, a little in-depth look of Ruli city and the arena system, plus new gameplay mechanics via the .

Zangurg and Tasha join in the story. Zangurg is the king of the Gurg race which will probably one of the main enemies in the game. Tasha, on the other hand, is a knight and student of General Trista who has no interest for mercenaries (aka you), as to whether he’ll be a playable character, it has yet to be announced.

Ruli City’s main point of interest will be a pub where Elza and his group discuss their missions. This will be a hub where the mercenaries will sort of relax and rest as they talk to NPCs inside that will allow them to progress in the game. There will also be an arena where characters can level up their skills.

As for the Tension Moves, in a nutshell it will act like a limit break in Final Fantasy, where characters can gain access to a special set of skills once the requirements have been met. We see Jackal use a merciless blizzard ability, Manamia using Revive for fallen comrades, and Seiren who will be able to use a damaging and paralyzing ability.

Yakuza of the End will be having zombies. Yes, zombies. Thanks to reports from , we now know some classifications of zombies in the game: the Yakuza Type, or former yakuza members from the streets of Kamurocho; Nakionna Type, or mini-banshee like zombies that constantly scream to call for aid; and the Homeless Type, which is baiscally a homeless zombie.

There are other zombies in the game, and reports say that the only way to get more info on them during play is through a zombie researcher Reiko Hasegawa. It looks like we’ve got ourselves one heck of a on our way.

The Last Story, Yakuza of the End


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