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Tron: Legacy Garners $50 Million at the IMAX Box Office

Written on January 29, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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This week, IMAX cinema announced that Tron: Legacy -- which has been subject to mixed reviews as of late -- has surged past the $50 million mark in takings at the box office.

cinema announced this week that : has surpassed its $50 million mark at the takings. In an official statement from IMAX, Tron: Legacy made $51.4 million in global .

This acquirement is likely a reflection of the cinematic experience that IMAX can offer. In fact, Tron: Legacy is filled with dazzling effects that are best displayed by superior visuals that an IMAX can permit. In totality, Tron: Legacy made $328.8 million. And with the film still showing at other box offices worldwide, its takings will surely continue to increase.

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