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Weekly Roundup: Google

Written on January 21, 2011 by R. Depp

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Google is absent at White House's state dinner for China; Google will focus on mobile this 2011 and Larry Page becomes the new CEO.

It is a common thing today that when you are in search of something, instead of asking someone for answer, you just type in your inquiry on Google search box. Anyway, that’s how Google become an important part of life. But before anything else, let’s be informed of what’s happening inside the company:

1. In the White House’s state dinner for China last Wednesday, no one from Google found time to attend the said event. On the official guest list, names like Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Intel CEO Paul Otellini, Motorola Solutions CEO Greg Brown and many other business leaders were present. Although it is common knowledge thatGoogle CEO Eric Schmidt and President Obama are colleagues, this absence can’t help but be related to China and Google’s clash about properties.

2. Google is always on the run to discover new innovations and technology. However, for this year, the company is putting its focus on mobile. CEO Eric Schmidt wrote on the Harvard Business Review the top priorities of Google for 2011: “developing fast wireless networks, building up mobile payments and increasing the number of inexpensive smartphones around the world.”

3. Maybe this answers all questions why Google’s week turned out this way: Google CEO Eric Schmidt steps down from his position and will be replaced by company co-founder . Schmidt explained on a blog post entitled “An update from the Chairman” that he’ll be now the executive chairman; “will take charge of our day-to-day operations as Google’s Chief Executive Officer” while Sergey Brin stays firm on his title as the co-founder.


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