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When Google Voice and iPhone Don’t Mix

Written on January 26, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Though Google Voice is feature that most mobile phone owners will love, it still have its limitations. And if you are using an iPhone, sorry but you'll be having a hard time porting out to Google Voice.

got some features that tech enthusiasts really love. For one, you can keep your phone number for life without the need to tether to a device or carrier again. Another is that you can easily forward your number to any of your phones, especially if you use several handsets or switch devices often. That said, Google Voice’s number portability feature can make you enjoy true mobile phone freedom. This new feature makes Google an alternative carrier, only that the company does not own any tower, does not charge you anything, and you can leave any time.

However, the Google Voice have its own limits. First is that you have to be off contract. Before you switch to Google Voice, you have to make sure that you’re outside your carrier contract. Otherwise, GV will cancel your existing mobile phone service and will make you pay an Early Termination Fee. While you are still on contract, ensure that your account is paid in full before porting to Google Voice.

Another disadvantage of Google Voice is its inconvenience with iPhones. GV has no integration with , and only considered as a third-party app. When you port to Google Voice, all calls made from your must be made from the GV app. Otherwise, you will be out of luck. Why? Because doing a call outside the app will display the device’s number and not your GV digits. When someone saves that number and tries to call you again, they will have a hard time reaching you.

It only shows that is guarding the commission they acquire from the carrier fees you pay monthly. Of course, they will make it difficult for you to make cheap calls and send free text messages if it cuts into the bottom line. However, also needs to add support for alternative iOS dialers. If not, they’ll risk falling farther behind in terms of market share.

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  • Greg

    The Early Termination Fee only applies if you are porting your existing mobile number over to Voice. If you set up a new number with voice (and you have a great deal of control over what that number is), there’s no fee and you can just start giving out the new number.

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