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Yuna Confirmed for Dissidia Duodecim [012]: Final Fantasy

Written on January 13, 2011 by Chris Martin

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Yuna is officially in Dissidia Duodecim [012]: Final Fantasy. Is there anything else a fanboy can ask? Well.. maybe.

You weren’t hallucinating when you saw that foot touching the water scene. It wasn’t a bug either. Square Enix, through the latest issue of Jump magazine, has confirmed that (our lovely summoner from X) will be making an entry into the , [012]: Final Fantasy.

Yes fanboys (and girls), although it seems Square Enix has dropped the more daring and confident Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2, the original version of Yuna will most likely become a powerhouse in the fighting game as her abilities involve summoning wicked aoens , , and into the battle. We’re hoping that her summon mechanics would be a little more unique compared to ’s already existent summoning system. Her will allow all 3 to come together and send some hell over to the opponent.

According to reports, if we rely on Square Enix’s PR pattern, we’ll get more info on our new character by next week, complete with commentaries.

For those who missed the Jump Fiesta trailer, AllWeLike is generous enough to repost the video one more time. Enjoy!


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