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ZombieSmash: Game Review

Written on January 02, 2011 by Chris Martin

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If Angry Birds hadn't shown up, this may very well be AllWeLike's Game of the Year. ZombieSmash is a zombie trashing game that rises among the ranks of the best zombie games out there, including Plants vs. Zombies.

Zombies? Who’s getting tired of zombies? We see them everywhere right now, thanks to like Resident Evil and . But they’re just so cool and so… dead.. gamers would love to mutilate them over and over and over again. And another zombie game just for you has been made available for and for quite some time now, . It’s a game that adapts some tower-defense mechanics, plus the awesome that makes things die funnier.

The game is pretty simple and a nice alternative for (just in case you want to try something different). You sweep and hurl the undead critters away from a spooky house you’re suppose to defend, and get the stars that drop when they die. You begin your game with pretty much the basic mechanics of ZombieSmash, as a moderate wave of zombies drag themselves towards your helpless little home. But as you progress throughout the levels, you’ll find out that the game play isn’t that simple after all.

What’s engaging is that the camera zooms in and out occasionally throughout the levels, giving you either more or less room to commit mistakes. The closer the camera zooms, the faster the zombies will get to your house. Quick reflexes and a good eye are key in combating the forces of the dead.

After every level and by attaining a certain number of stars, you’ll be granted weapons that will help you make your job easier. The game has guns, boulders, and debris that will smash the zombies back to where they belong. Along with the changing landscape of gameplay, this is one of the reasons why ZombieSmash has a good replay value that will make you beg for more.

ZombieSmash also utilizes the sweet motions of the Ragdoll physics. So you’ll rarely see zombies die the same way as the other one. The game also has an instant replay option which allows you to review the best zombie deaths you’ve concocted during the play. It also has a Sandbox mode, enabling you to play a level where you can spawn an unlimited number of zombies and kill them by an unlimited number of ammunitions in your armory. Pretty wicked!

Overall, ZombieSmash is an awesome game that everyone must try. The gameplay can be pretty simple and at the same time daunting, depending on the environment. If you’re tired of Angry Birds and Plants vs Zombies, then this one just might fill the spot perfectly.


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