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After Harry Potter, What Lies Ahead for Emma, Dan and Rupert?

Written on February 20, 2011 by B Waldorf

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What lies ahead for the actors and actress who brought to life the characters of Harry, Ron and Hermione? Find out here.

This year will be the final year of and the magical castle of Hogwarts. Will the actors be staying in the fame platform or not? This is the question bothering the fans of the film series.

This summer, the last installment of the movie about the boy who lived will hit theaters.The idea somehow screams utter discomfort. Especially to the HP fans who simply cannot admit the fact that this will be the end of the magnificent story of sorcery, friendship and love. But we all have to accept the fact that all things come to an end. However, you always have your Pensieve to recall such memories.

Muggle or Wizard, Pureblood or Half-Blood, surely you’ll want to know what will be the future of the trio who devoted a decade of their lives giving life to the magical story of Harry Potter.

The Chosen One –

At a young age, he became one of the richest young men in the industry. Quite outspoken with his personality, Daniel Radcliffe matured into a great actor. Recently, he announced that he’ll be joining the indie comedy The Amateur Photographer. He’ll be playing the role of a mill town resident in the 70’s. He starts capturing the “most intimate moments” of the townspeople’s lives before the “local authorities while bringing a bit of a velvet revolution to the community.”

The Greatest Sorceress of Her Age –

Unlike her co-stars, Emma will be stepping from her role as a sorceress to become a wallflower. Recently, she landed a role from another best-selling novel, The Perks of Being a Wallflower as it debuts on the big screen. She’ll be on the lead role and according to Emma, it’s seems nice to have a role outside the shadow of Harry Potter. She’ll be paired with Percy Jackson star Logan Lerman.

The King –

We know quite well that Rupert’s role in Harry Potter is the tall, gangling and poor Ron Weasley who’s always overshadowed by Harry. However, during the Deathly Hallows, we simply forgot how comical he looks when his true acting talents were unleashed. One of the critically acclaimed, legendary director Martin Scorsese, even noted that Rupert has a long-term promise of being a good actor.

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