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Android Ice Cream Sandwich, in the Works

Written on February 16, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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At MWC 2011 yesterday, Google exec - Eric Schmidt - gave people a hint of what the search engine giant will serve in the future, especially for dessert.

’s Executive Chairman, , gave a special keynote at MWC 2011 is Barcelona, Spain yesterday. He gave out hints of Google’s future plans, including the next update. According to Eric Schmidt, the next version will start with an “I”, is named after a dessert, and will be a combination of and .

Does this mean that , dubbed as , is in the horizon? Well, no official statement is out yet. However, the Android Ice Cream Sandwich will inherit some Honeycomb elements. But whatever those elements are is yet to be clarified. Still, one thing is for sure: A successor for Android Gingerbread is definitely in the works.

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