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Angry Birds Rio Adventure Begins on March

Written on February 02, 2011 by R. Depp

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Is Angry Birds ready to dominate Hollywood? A collaboration with 20th Century Fox is just the start.

The year 2011 is edging more to become the year of the Angry Birds than the rabbits. and 20th Centurt Fox are teaming up to bring to the people a fresh output called Angry Birds . This is a collaborative project between the two companies that will feature Angry Birds and the creatures on the upcoming animated movie.

The is due to be released on March. The release will coincide with the red carpet premiere of the film RIO. The movie hits theaters on April 15.

Let’s know more about the game. Angry Birds Rio will be slightly different from the original version. On the new game, the Angry Birds characters are kidnapped and taken to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Fortunately, the birds escape and then proceed to save RIO stars Blu and Jewel.

The game will be comprised of 45 levels and will feature twists based on the movie. No words yet if the pigs are making an appearance and on what platforms will the game be available. Also, no details about the price per download.

While we wait for this edition, enjoy first the Angry Birds Pink version available this month of February.

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