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Category: Money

Big Companies that are Close to Bankruptcy

Written on February 19, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Business Insider identified 17 large companies with a significant chance of financial distress in the next month and Barnes & Noble is included on the list. Uh-oh.

Though reports that the US economy is continuously improving, there are still that are on the verge of . And it seems that most of the companies mentioned were really big in terms of products and name. There are corporations for entertainment, Internet and mobile services, energy, and basic commodities. What’s more shocking is that even & is part of the list!

Most of the companies mentioned have market caps of at least $200 million. And there are 17 of them that were named by Business Insider. Check out Business Insider’s website to see the full list.

With the US economy continuously surging, what does these companies with risk of heading to bankruptcy implies?

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