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Broadcastr App: Tell Your Story Out Loud

Written on February 16, 2011 by R. Depp

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Let this app break the relationship between you and your keyboard. This app needs you to talk.

The new app is called Broadcastr and will be available by the end of the month. The app is described as “Foursquare meets museum audio guides.” A user can create, view and listen to audio clips which are based on interactive maps which covers different cities around the world.

A user is given three minutes to record whatever they want and save it on the ’s map. These recordings can be a song, a joke, a story or just anything that is sensible.

On the other hand, to find a specific recording, listeners can search through locations, keywords or categories. Users can share these recordings on other social networking websites, or arrange playlists and follow other Broadcastr members.

Broadcastr co-founder and CEO Andy Hunter summarized what this app is all about: “museum tour of the world curated by anyone.”

“The human voice is intimate, expressive, and it’s not being used in social media today. There’s not a platform for oral storytelling, which is the way we express ourselves most of the time,” Hunter said in an interview on Huff Post.

Broadcastr is still in beta form but will be available as an iPhone and by the end of February.

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