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Cyberhugs Give Life to Online Communications

Written on February 07, 2011 by R. Depp

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Words and emoticons are not enough to say what we really feel, and so two Japanese scientists brought in the idea of cyberhug.

For over a decade, people have been using the Internet to interact with each other. But what is missing all this time? Two Japanese scientists claim that human touch is necessary in communication processes thus the idea of inventing cyberhug.

The scientist couple behind this idea is Dzmitry Tsetserukou and Alena Neviarouskaya. The two used straps which resembles a harness; this harness is said to produce human-like level of sensation which can be incorporated to online chats. The scientists named their prototype  “!” for “I feel therefore I am.”

“I am looking to create a deep immersive experience, not just a vibration in your shirt triggered by an SMS. Emotion is what gives communication life.” Tsetserukou said.

To start using the device, it should be plug into the computer. The sensors on the straps emulate human feelings like heartbeats, tingling and nervousness.

There are many other scientists who worked on the concept of cyberhug. One of them is Adrian Cheok of Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University who experimented on stuff toys and Hug-shirt to bridge the gap between separated parents and children.

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