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Exciting Apple Patents: How Come They are Not Real?

Written on February 05, 2011 by B Waldorf

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Presenting Apple patents which are either trashy or genius. Be the judge.

Patent Expert Jack Purcher once said:

“Jobs’s vision for the digital lifestyle a decade ago is still on a roll. It’s innovation at its finest. But it began with a vision — and that’s the difference.”

The 563 patents Apple-approved patents made the previous year are proofs that digital lifestyle is still on a roll. Patents are sometimes exaggerated or unique ideas that are associate to a particular popular brand of technology.

A website called showcases some patents which verged to either crazy or genius. The site’s expert, Jack Purcher refers to the patents as an idea to envision future technologies who might come up in the long run. Examples of which are the evolution of the iOS devices and third party add ons.

As Patently Apple’s Jack Pucker puts it:

“Many have asked me why I think that Apple is more innovative than others. I usually answer that question the same way each time,” says Purcher. “I’m not sure that they are on a technical level. The difference is that Apple has an inspired leader and CEO who, for decades, has had a real vision of where technology should go.”

Here are five patents that have the potential to go mainstream.

1. iKey – The iPhone has replaced your camera, mp3 player, smartphone and hand-held gaming console. On the other hand, iPad replaced your yearning for a netbook; and now let the iOS devices replace your another essntial thing— the keys. A company patented the idea to replace your home and car keys with a device that store PIN codes which are proximity-based to guard your home against burglars and thieves.

2. Wand Remote - The main idea is Nintendo’s Wiimote. Imagine the Wii-like controls to give you access to your media without holding it. The Wand Remote will allow you hold your device without actually holding it; whatever that means.

3.  iHeadset - The iHeadset is the Apple designed bluetooth headset coming with a standalone media playback. This might came out as an update for the iPod Shuffle—something multitasking, handy and wearable.

4. - Ace your favorite video game will be a lot easier with this Apple patent. This one allows you to describe your progress in the game, record it and create your own ebook comic-book style.

5.  Touchscreen iMac - Turn your iMac into an iPad with this patent. If you take a look at this creation, it’s just the usual PC. A desktop controlled by a mouse and other peripherals. But upon flipping it horizontally you will get the tablet like features complete with the touchscreen.


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