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Foodily Brings Food to Facebook

Written on February 02, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Foodily lets users search across multiple sites by ingredient, see recipes that their friends like and create Facebook events around recipes.

Andrea Cutright and Hillary Mickell created a , named , that pulls in recipes from various sites. Users can search by ingredients, or even by vague terms like “vegan dishes”. In addition to this, the will enable users to connect their profiles to the site starting today. This feature will allow people to like dishes, and view who else in their network liked it. More over, they can also create menus, share them with friends, and include them in events pages.

Foodily is a startup website that combines social interaction and recipes for the first time. Hence, the recipe search engine can distinguish itself by integrating with user’s existing networks. More over, Foodily indexes every recipe by ingredients. That said, advertisers know what exact recipes users are looking at. That is why Foodily hopes to use this advantage. They would like to give advertisers an opportunity to distribute coupons to users who are calling for their products.

Foodily’s success now depends on whether home chefs are ready to make the recipe search engine their cooking guide.

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