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Geeky Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Written on February 09, 2011 by R. Depp

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Roses and chocolates are so yesterday. Why not give your girlfriend HTTP panties this Valentine's?

Forget about the traditional gifts on valentines. All We Like brings you the gift ideas that border on being quirky and geeky.

Circuit board necklace

Not only are you making someone happy by giving this as a gift but you are also helping the environment. This necklace is made from recycled printed circuit boards which are pre-consumer waste or commonly known as factory rejects. The fun thing about this accessory is that each necklace design is unique like a snowflake.

HTTP panties

When we see status codes like 403 Forbidden or 200 OK on the Internet, we tend to feel disappointed. But what if wee see these codes on lingeries? It is a different story, right? These are perfect gifts for your web-savvy wife or girlfriend.

8-Bit Tie

If you think your husband or boyfriend is stuck in Cubeland, why not gift him a stylish tie that features pixelated design and jagged edges. The tie has a clip-on format which makes it convenient to wear in any type of shirt.

Broken Image Necklace

We know you are familiar with this icon. It is when you click an image but then the icon with green circles, red triangles, and blue squares is shown. This necklace which features the broken image logo is made from 17″ leather cord and non-toxic shrink plastic pendant. This is one clever gift idea, right?

Molecular Cuff Links

These links are the creative work of Michael W. Davidson, a researcher from National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at FSU. He used a photomicrograph of a particular molecule and made it into an accessory. You can choose from these two molecules: caffeine or testosterone.

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