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Google Pushes Web Store with Chrome 9

Written on February 04, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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With Google Chrome 9 hitting the web, something new comes along -- the Chrome Web Store. Are you ready to redefine your meaning for "program"?

Last Thursday, the latest version of the web browser – 9 – just hit the web. But more than that, the 9 comes with a variety of new features including hardware-accelerated 3D graphics, Google Instant and its . It was announced that the Web Store just opened to everyone in the US, and has been added to the New Tab page.

The significance of ’s Web Store is its attempt to redefine the idea of “program” in people’s minds. It’s a thing that Internet users will likely see in the future, as companies like Google and Apple tries to give “program” a new meaning. And in an effort to do that, Google will push the Chrome Web Store harder and harder to be the next big step in using the .

To understand what Chrome Web Store is all about, watch the video below.

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