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iPhone App of the Week: LOMOLOMO for iPhone 4

Written on February 10, 2011 by B Waldorf

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"Don’t think, Just Shoot..." ---LOMOLOMO

Do you just love but cannot afford to spend some dollars on that cool lomo shooter? Fear not. The answer to our prayers is now here — say hello to the new iPhone and iPod Touch app, LOMOLOMO.

Photos who were taken using a are high in contrast, with twisted colors, and a noticeable vignette. Since there’s always we don’t have to buy Lomo cameras. We just have to tweak our photos to create the Lomo effect. However, some of us are rather not the digital editor type. We surely want something automatic or instant. That’s why is created. Unleash your inner creative iPhone-tography.

The LOMOLOMO app integrates Lomo camera, Lomo Walla and Lomo Album into one single, easy to download app. In just one click you’re ready for that winning shot. The free version of the app offers two cameras and five effect lenses, designed for some cool trial. While the Pro version or the paid one costs $0.99 and will give you superb effects.

“With over 500 photo effect combinations, LomoLomo helps you to become an artist instantly. Every photo is beautiful and unique in the world. Share to SNS has never been so easy, “2 clicks” to share your colorful moment to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Picasa, more destinations are being added.”

Unique Features:

♠ LOMO Spirit: Don’t think, Just Shoot –Differentiated from other , LOMOLOMO produces photos all at random –You don’t have to set any parameters and you will never know what amazing photos you could get from each shot.

♠ Photo Management: LOMOLOMO provides unique photo management functions. Everything captured is automatically processed and indexed by DATE, PLACE, or TAG, Our innovative daily footprint animation tells WHEN and WHERE photos were captured!

♠ LOMO Wall: LOMOLOMO provides a Lomo Wall share function, by which you share your LOMO experiences globally and locally.

♠ One Click Share: share to community, Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, Twitter, Tumblr, simple by pushing Share Button once only.

Other functions:

Multiple LOMO cameras: There’s a camera bag in LOMOLOMO which provides all the major lomo cameras, each of them brings a different style of photograph.

Multiple lens: There are also plenty of lens in the app which give you broad experiences of LOMO. The more you try, the more surprises you could get.

LomoWall provides a platform for Lomo lovers to share Lomo experience instantly on global stage and local lomo wall.
Have already had tones of Lomo Photos in your camera roll, from different photo effect apps? Show them out!

LOMOLOMO makes everything super simple, super easy, what you need to do is just Shoot and Share.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (4th generation) Requires ios 4.1 or later.


We simply love LOMOLOMO. With all its features and all its functions we can’t say no to it. The $0.99 spent is all worth it. Plus, you can share your work of art into social sites or photo sharing sites for everyone to see. It unleashes the inner creativity in you and in your iPhone. So what are you waiting for? Grab LOMOLOMO now.

Download LOMOLOMO here.


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