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Make a Viral Launch Page with LaunchRock

Written on February 03, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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With the importance of having its own web presence, startup businesses can now create a viral launch page using LaunchRock.

Even if a business is not yet prepared to launch, it is important for a startup to have a web presence. That said, can help build their viral launch pages. Created by Jameson Detweiler, Dave Drager, and Stephen Gill, makes it easy to get potential users sign up for your services or products before launching.

And though any “please give us your e-mail address” option can do that, LaunchRock enables startup owners to share their link to their friends easily. All that an owner needs to do is simply point the A record of his or her domain to the IP address LaunchRock provides. Afterwards, a unique URL that owners can share will be provided. In addition to this, he or she can view the analytics of who and how much sharing is going on.

The creators of LaunchRock plans to add more features in the future, including A/B marketing message testing and LaunchRock widget on startups’ own landing page. But as of the moment, the purpose of LaunchRock is to help people “rock” the launch process.

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