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Mass Effect 2 Comes with Arrival DLC

Written on February 22, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Something strange was spotted at Mass Effect 2's patch for PS3. Does this have something to do Mass Effect 3?

With ’s extended post-launch support for , releasing more downloadable content for the RPG is not surprising at all. But what’s intriguing is the DLC that comes with ME 2’s PS3 patch.

Yet to be announced by BioWare and EA, the PS3 patch for Mass Effect 2 contains three new Arrival DLC (The Ultimate Sacrifice, Last Stand and Covert Action). The revelation makes the members of the official Mass Effect forum speculate about what contents might Arrival DLC have. Is BioWare making bridges for the upcoming Mass Effect 3? The official announcement is yet to be revealed, so don’t forget to visit All We Like for more updates.

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