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Sony Representative Tweets PS3 Jailbreak Code

Written on February 10, 2011 by B Waldorf

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Holy cow! Sony's Kevin Butler mistakenly tweets the PS3 Jailbreak code.

If you’re one of the avid followers of Sony’s VP for Realistic Movements then you might be as surprised as the whole world upon seeing that tweet about . Apparently, he just retweeted the famous Playstation 3 code.

A user by the name of Travis La Marr (@exvia) tweeted the METLDR root key to Butler. The latter not realizing it was the infamous retweeted the post. However, Butler didn’t made a big deal out of it by asking if it was some kind of Battleship code. A huge mistake most hardcore gamers surely recognized. La Marr tweeted that he posted the comment:

“because of the way they (Sony) are handling it. Subpoenaing information from YOUTUBE on people who have WATCHED the video? Are you serious?”

Let’s wait for Kevin Butler to answer this issue.

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