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“The Daily” Unofficially Hits the Web

Written on February 04, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Good news for iPad-less people! Rupert Murdoch's The Daily will be giving away a two-week free trial of their The Daily: Indexed to view the publication's digital content via Tumblog.

At a press conference last Wednesday, and company took off the wraps of News Corp’s “”. The will become a daily newspaper for , offering original content and interactive features. But what about the people who still find themselves -less. And what about some owners who doesn’t want to fork over a buck each week?

Fortunately for both camps, The Daily: is here! Programmer Andy Baio has put together a Tumblog, indexing The Daily contents each day and presents it as a list of links. Though only intended to be shared via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail from within the iPad app, all of the linked articles are hosted on The Daily’s official website. But be guided that the goods are only available for a two-week free trial.

Are you ready to take a spin at Rupert Murdoch’s new “paper”?

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