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Top Five Weekly Apps for Android Starters

Written on February 25, 2011 by B Waldorf

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If you're an Android starter and you're looking for some handsome apps that will keep you out of spending, here are some must-have apps that will change your Android life.

The growth of Android becomes unrelenting the moment they started competing with Apple’s App Store. Not only are they offering a wide array of handsets from different carriers around the world, they are also offering a lot of wonderful apps.

Apps for everyone are available at the and at a very, very low price. Some are even free, like Angry Birds. If you’ve just purchased your first Android phone and you want to test its capabilities, All We Like collected some must haves for you. Here’s our top five weekly apps for Android users. Bon apetit!

1. FACEBOOK - If you haven’t got Facebook on your Android mobile, well you’re missing half of your life. Android lets you bring your Social Network anywhere you want to socialize. It offers some cool browsing experience plus ease free mobile networking.

2. TWITTER – Twitter may not be great like Facebook, however, microblogging surely is one of your best bets. Tweet daily thoughts right on your mobile phone with .

3. RINGDROID - Just when iPhone won’t let you use your preferred ringtone, Android relieves that misery. Craft your own ringtone for an ultimate Android personalization. Use an existing music or create some new voice command prompt.

4. SHAZAM - Shazam shows off one the smartest feature in the world of smartphones. If you’re in some place with very good music, just hold on your speaker and Shazam will tell you the title and the wave of this song. Best of all, you can grab this wonder for free.

5. ADOBE PHOTOSHOP EXPRESS - Can’t wait to edit and upload your latest masterpiece? Fear not, for the wonders of Photoshop is here at the four corners of your Android phone. Edit your winning shots without sending them to your PC, and upload them anywhere and everywhere you want!

Got your own favorite app? Let us know by hitting the comment box below.


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