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Tumblr Introduces the Explore Page

Written on February 24, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Do you tag your posts on Tumblr? Well, you should start learning your SEO concepts so you can see your content on Tumblr's Explore page.

If you have a account and  you tag your posts, it’s time to work on your . Why? Because Tumblr just added the new Explore page.

The Tumblr page organizes blog posts by due to the eclectic nature of the platform. Unless you have a niche on Tumblr, there’s a big chance that your posts will be all over the map. Which means that your Tumblr blog will have difficulty being seen in the . The page makes Tumblr experience more democratic, enabling tagged posts to appear on the page and get target audience.

But while this move curates Tumblr a bit, the Directory page becomes least visible. And there’s no easy way yet to uncover it, but by typing the alone.

Are you happy with the new Tumblr Explore page, or would your rather stick to the Directory? Leave your opinions on the comment box.

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