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Tweet like Buddha

Written on February 17, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Instead of staring on your monitor, thinking of what to post on Twitter, ask your self: What would Buddha tweet?

In the cluttered world of Web 2.0, approaching can come in various ways. An individual can be just a social butterfly or an entrepreneur, for instance. But for , she has a more enlightened way of coming to the social media.

According to Lori Deschene’s “Ten Mindful Ways to Use Social Media“, it is important that we know our intentions of logging on the Internet. Do you need to be seen? If yes, ask first if there’s anything more substantial that you can do to meet that need. And if you really intend to be socially present, always be reminded to be true to yourself.

Other than that, always consider how your post can impact your audience. So before you share, contemplate whether you can harm anyone by simply posting a tweet or FB status. And don’t forget to post random kindness now and then. Take everything Lori Deschene says by the heart, and you’ll be tweeting like in no time.

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