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Twitter Trending Topics: How Are These Generated?

Written on February 15, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Ever wonder how Twitter comes up with their Trending Topics? HP's Social Computing Research Group has the answer.

After analyzing 16.32 million tweets on 3,361 different from September to October last year, the Social Computing Research Group has released the results of their study.

Based on the research, ’s algorithm for trending topics cares more on the specific subject and reach of a tweet, rather than who tweets it and how often it’s tweeted. HP discovered that around 31% of trending topics are retweets, and 72% of those came from mainstream media like CNN, NY Times, The Telegraph, ESPN, Breaking News, and Huffington Post. Simply put, contents that made trends was largely news from traditional media sources, and was then amplified by retweets.

Check out the embedded report from HP’s below for more details.

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