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Weekly Apps for iPhone: Five Games From Your PC to Your iPhone

Written on February 19, 2011 by B Waldorf

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Who says you can't bring PC games anywhere you want?

When the iPhone was introduced, it somewhat stole the spotlight on PCs. It replaced some important roles that we thought only desktops could accomplish. The iPhone gave us the browsing experience that goes handy which a PC cannot do. The smartphone created by Apple gave us the same functions of encoding word documents, making presentations and spreadsheets. It also allowed us to edit, crop, and put effects on our photos. Aside from the things mentioned, iPhone changed the world by being a gaming console.

As a proof, the games which made names on computers are now one by one shifting to iPhone. The game developers are exploring every possible way to make the transitions of these games from desktop to computers smooth and easy.

For now, look into the list and see the best games that still attained success even after transferring to a small screen.

1. Worms - These cute little crawlers were once hot and wild in the PC world. However, due to time span, it slowly subsided. Now, it’s back to business. Before Angry Birds, there were worms. Now, you can play them in your iOS for only $4.99, so why not try it out?

2. Plants vs. Zombies – “They are coming…” yes they are! Are those pea shooters ready? For some time, PVZ became a fad as a computer game. And now, you can bring zombies anywhere and everywhere you go. Grab one now at $2.99 only.

3. Sim City Deluxe - Live in your own city with . Remember the old days when all you have to think is to feed your character, complete some tasks and level up? Bring back the old habit by downloading on your iOS. Relieve your power to build your own city for only $6.99!

4. Prince of Persia Retro – Surely, you’ve had a hard time jumping off on your PCs while playing . Things change and eventually the game made it to consoles. However, you still want more adventure. And the adventure was brought into your hands when a version of the game was released on iPhone. Explore Persia for only $0.99.

5. Diner Dash – Join Flo as she dash around her diner and serve guests. Flo used to rule the gaming world on desktops by completing diner tasks at the shortest time possible. Now you can play this lovable game everywhere and anywhere, whenever boredom strikes. Get it now for only $2.99 in the App Store.


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