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Wolfire Games’ Lugaru, Counterfeited in the Mac App Store

Written on February 03, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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If you're looking for a little bunny rabbit combat video game, you might want to give Lugaru a try. But if you'll purchase the game from the Mac App Store, beware. There are two versions.

If you’re seeing two versions of the bunny rabbit combat video, , at the , be warned. Wolfire Games’ Lugaru, for sale at $9.99, was counterfeited by . Even more, the latter is reselling the application for only $1.99. After seeing this, the people at immediately e-mailed to shut down the fraudulent app. Unfortunately, they haven’t heard back from yet.

On the other hand, iCoder’s Alex Mattin made a statement in the gaming blog, Kotaku, claiming that they have every legal rights to market and sell the software. To justify his claim, Alex Mattin pointed out the release of Lugaru’s source code last May.

True enough, Wolfire Games organized a pay-what-you-want video game sale last May “in the spirit of the Humble Indie Bundle”. Lugaru, along with three other games went open source. However, open sourcing Lugaru’s code doesn’t give other game developers the right to sell the application in the Mac App Store. Its sole purpose is to allow independent developers to improve the code.

Apple is not yet releasing an official statement about this matter as of the moment, but All We Like promises to keep you posted for more Lugaru news.

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