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Zoom Kobe VI: 3-D Shoes for an All-Star Hoop Action

Written on February 08, 2011 by R. Depp

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We heard about televisions, game consoles and smartphones which feature the 3-D technology, but shoes? Yes way!

A player for this year’s NBA All-Star Game will run around the court wearing some ass-kickin’ kicks. Hear this! The player is gonna be and the shoes are gonna be 3-D!

The pair of basketball shoes called is the latest product of Nike. The features a 3-D appliqué on the side and an ‘LA’ logo on its inner sock.  Better get your 3-D eyewear ready to see how fly these shoes are.

By the way, don’t be envious with Kobe; grab your own pair for $249.99.

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