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AMD Llano, Coming this Q3?

Written on March 21, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Are you waiting impatiently for more of AMD's Fusion CPUs? If you buy AMD's line that the Future is Fusion, then the future can't be here soon enough.

For , future can’t be here soon enough, as online reports say that its products will come on Q3 2011.

According to X-bit Labs, AMD will introduce five A-series models with 65W or 100W TDP this July. These AMD Llano APUs will either feature quad-core CPUs with BeaverCreek graphics, or dual-core CPUs with WinterPark card. More news are sure to come up in the future, so just keep it posted here on All We Like.

For now, check out the AMD video below, showing off a Llano vs Sandy Bridge comparison.

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