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Android App Review: Foursquare

Written on March 20, 2011 by B Waldorf

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Sharing your travel destinations is now a lot more easier with Foursquare. Now iPhone, its your turn to get jealous.

Aside from and Twitter, one of the most used app in the smartphone is . It’s a social networking tool that allows you to “check in” to places you go to. Whether it’s a restaurant, an entertainment bar, a shopping center or a fast-food chain, is there.

Check-ins give you points based on how many times you’ve been to a given place. You’ll be earning badges. These badges are cute little icons that are displared on your Foursquare profile giving everyone the idea how you earned that badge.


Foursquare is a Social Sharing tool for the travel and tech geeks. You can invite friends, view their status, shout-out yours and view the places that they’ve been. Each time you check-in to a place, you gain badges. These are your accomplishments that ranges from Newbie all the way up to Mayor. You can see who among your friends has become mayor to a place or how many times they’ve visited the area. You can also view areas that has check-ins on it.

Is it Useful?

If you’re not the social enthusiast who wants to share things like places you go to, we suggest you don’t use this app. But if you’re the social type, it’s a good way to socialize. Foursquare is a hot app for networking. You’ll be finding a lot of people using the app in the tech world. You can share places yu’ve been to with friends and you can also see the places that they’ve been to. It’s not just a social app, it’s a travel guide too.

User Interface

The UI is optimized for mobile so you’ll be saying a lot of hellos to the nice graphics. Foursquare is very easy to use. Just download the app and start socializing!


* Awesome social sharing service which records the places you visited.
* Battery conscious. Saving energy time.
* Social Sharing via Facebook and Twitter
* Weekly Leaderboards so you’ll know who’s competing for the Mayoral spot.
* You can add missing places with just one click.
* Features Yelp integration


* Delays on recognizing GPS
* Privacy Concerns, giving out details on where you are at the moment or where you’ve been.


Foursquare is worth a try. Whether you’re socializing or simply testing your phones capacity to go on social media, this one is for keeps. Besides, if you’re scared of privacy invasion, why do you have a Facebook?

Download the App here.


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