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Angry Birds HD Angers Downloaders

Written on March 22, 2011 by R. Depp

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Excited for the free version of Anger Birds HD? Don’t be to giddy just yet, iPad users. This version might come in with more than what you expected: tons of advertisements.

According to news, is receiving numerous complaints from the downloaders of its addicting game — . Aside from the new game levels and features, pop-up ads were also added in the app, disrupting the gameplay.

Also, social and digital media new site reports that:

“People are complaining in the iTunes Customer Reviews about the ads, not necessarily because they’re there — advertisements already adorned the level-selection screen. However, now if you want to try a level again, when you pause and start over on that level, the “Rovio News” ads show up, slowing down your quest for the coveted three eggs on that particular level.”

It is frustrating to be disrupted while in the middle of playing such a hooking game. So Rovio, just remove the ads, will you?

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