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Angry Birds Rio App Review: A Rio de Janeiro Adventure

Written on March 26, 2011 by B Waldorf

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Our favorite winged, bipedal avians are back. And no, this is not the usual adventure. This is more.

Rovio’s power once again radiates with the newest game in the App Store. Yes friends! has landed. Oh no! They are not the usual avian pig-smackers. We’re now looking at a new game. New graphics, new enemies and new game play.

The game is packed with surprises and incredible graphics to watch out for. Once again, they grabbed the trophy of being the no.1 most downloaded app in iTunes. But all in all, fresh and interesting no matter where the winged animals are.

A flock of Angrier Birds

The Angry Birds Rio is actually a film tie-in. Taking a dosage of the Angry Birds mantra and putting in the characters and the setting of 20th Century Fox’s soon-to-be-released animated adventure, Rio.

The Journey to Rio de Janeiro

So here’s the story: The Angry Birds were kidnapped and taken to Rio de Janeiro, where they discover that they’re not the only fowls snatched. Along their escape, they save the trapped birds and punish their captors.

Smuggling Birds from the Smuggler’s Den

Upon downloading the game, you’ll be opening a new world of Rovio mobile. The main menu is packed with a remix of Angry Birds theme and Rio. There are six stories in the main menu. However, only two of them are accessible during the start.

At the Smuggler’s Den, you’ll be seeing Angry Birds rescuing the other captive birds — and this is where the game takes a new note of adventure from the previous Angry Bird games. You’ll be having a pig-free game here, instead bird cages to smash open and occupants to free. The first story of Rio is not about destruction, only liberation and freedom.

At first, you might be missing the green and greedy pigs, but no worries. In due time, as you go level per level, you’ll be enjoying this as well. There are 30 levels in Smuggler’s Den. After completing all levels, you’ll be entering the world of the wild in Jungle Escape.

The Jungle Escape

After smuggling the captives in the Smuggler’s Den, you’re in for another adventure — the Jungle Escape. No, you won’t be seeing the pigs only marmosets and All We Like can guarantee an equal satisfaction hitting them. They’re no easy peasy. These marmosets should be given the same degree of punishment as the pigs from the previous game. Thirty levels to complete and you’re up for another one.

The game has a Game Center feature that supports plenty of achievements to unlock (just like Plants vs. Zombies). Plus a few Golden Fruits to find in the game to unlock bonus levels and a surprise ‘boss battle’ when the end is near.

The Flying Overhaul

The Angry Birds Rio game got a complete graphical overhaul and tell you what guys, All We Like is impressed. Both backgrounds and foregrounds are busier that before, giving you a three-dimensional feel to the levels. The environment also had a complete make-over, with big crates and more complex monkey puzzle trees to tear down.

The first level may not be a total adventure but the marmosets are the cream of the crop. They have these animated cute faces on which you’ll see some panic whenever they’re close to doomsday, unlike the stagnant and placid pigs.

Angry Birds vs. Angry Birds Rio

While the environment and the design grabs a complete overhaul, the game play is still the same. Throwing in basic physics and cool sounds, making your mind occupied for a long period of time. You won’t be missing the old game, but you won’t get bored too. There will be no new birds to play, or new controls to master. The case and success still lies on the best catapulting smash.

The Other Stories

We’ve already mentioned six stories in the game. Notice that only two are accessible and playable. The other four all have their own dates on them to indicate when Rovio will be updating the game. The dates are from May to November of this year.

The Pros and Cons

For the pros, All We Like can give Angry Birds Rio a score of 5 out of 5. The game ran flawlessly and the adventures were tricky but fun. The cons are the bugs which always come when a game debuts. There will be times wherein levels refuse to end even if the objectives were completed. But all in all, if you want a new twist, Rio is the game that you’ll surely wouldn’t want to miss.

Rio succeeded where others have failed. The game, like it’s predecessor is cute, addictive, fun, challenging and beautiful. Angry Birds Rio will be another huge hit and an absolutely essential purchase.

What are you waiting for? Download Angry Birds Rio here.

Here’s the game’s fun trailer:

Here’s an actual gameplay: (thanks AppVee for the video)


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