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ASUS Reveals WAVI Xtion

Written on March 01, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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ASUS' WAVI Xtion is the Kinect for your PC... With an odd name.

brings in an exciting and new approach to with . The is composed of WAVI wireless media streaming device and the Xtion motion sensor. It streams wireless high-definition media from to TV, while infrared gesture-based multimedia playback applications introduces a motion-sensing interface.

The WAVI Xtion combines PrimeSense’s motion-sensing technology with the exclusive ASUS Xtion Portal UI. This brings users to technology even closer with the help of intuitive interaction with applications. Movies, games and photos are delivered smoothly from PC to TV via wireless HDMI in 5GHz, with a 25-meter range.

Set to launch on May, the WAVI Xtion also includes MayaFit Cardio Lite, a motion-sensing fitness training game, and a multiplayer racing application — the BeatBooster. More information are available at ASUS’ official website.

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