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Bill Gates: Not the Richest Man but the Kindest

Written on March 09, 2011 by R. Depp

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Cheers to the Microsoft founder! At least there are still a few remaining good souls walking on the planet.

founder lose his spot in the world’s richest men list last year not because of business failures but for something worthy: He gave away billions to his charitable foundation.

Today, Forbes released its 2011 billionaires’ list and though Gates is still part of the top three spots, it is Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim who brought home the title. Investor Warren Buffett came in third.

More than a third of Gates wealth have already been donated to . The organization put up projects related to health, education and development.

Experts said that if Gates has not given huge amount to charities, he would be worth $88 billion.

Gates recorded wealth is $47 million; while Slim estimated fortune is $60 billion and lastly, Buffett is at $47 million.

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