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Bring Your Friends Together with GroupMe

Written on March 25, 2011 by R. Depp

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Save yourself some typing and dialing with ‘GroupMe’, a group-texting and conference-calling app for your Android phone.

allows you to send out mass email or text message to a group at once, making it very useful if you have a number of people you need to stay in touch with.

According to, “There are a ton of different possible scenarios where GroupMe would be really useful: If you’re working on a group project with classmates, if you run some kind of Internet business and need to keep in touch with your employees or freelance employees who don’t live nearby, or if you have a very close group of friends who get together often.”

Get started by creating an account, and then make groups for your contacts. The app gives you a few suggested topics like family, college friends, etc., but you can create as many different groups as you’d like, with whatever titles you think are better. Then, you can start adding contacts to each group.

Other GroupMe users can also request to join your group: There’s an option in the app to make a group joinable

When you’re don sorting your groups, you can already send out group texts and even make conference calls. Another cool feature of GroupMe is that the app gives each group a unique phone number, allowing any member to dial and initiate a conference call.

Aside from being practical, GroupMe is easy to use and navigate – it’s positively worth checking out.

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