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Celebrate St.Patrick’s Day with Angry Birds

Written on March 01, 2011 by B Waldorf

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How about little leprechaun birds against the green pigs this St. Patrick's Day?

’s “Mighty Eagle”, , announced during their GDC panel that the top-billed game will be having its seasonal update.

St.Patrick’s day is coming to . After the Pink Valentine’s Season update, here comes the fowls with another seasonal offering. Are players gonna see little leprechaun birds? one things for sure, expect the update right before St. Patrick’s Day.

Rovio also mentioned something about the game, a tie-up with the upcoming animated film:

“We could make it work nicely with Angry Birds and the backstory. It could be the first time the birds leave the island, and are kidnapped by smugglers. This is not one of these lame movie games, but a separate game that works nicely with teh movie.”

Angry Birds will be out come March 22, for $.99 on Apple’s App Store.

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