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Charity Games Top App Store Charts

Written on March 23, 2011 by B Waldorf

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Big blessings always come to those who share their big hearts, and top apps are not an exception.

Due to the unfortunate event that happened this past week to , people are looking for the most practical ways to extend help. One of them is having for-a-cause purchases. That said, PopCap, Sega, and Capcom extended some help to the victims of the and in Japan by donating the proceeds of each paid app under their name.

This week’s top paid iPhone and iPod Touch games on the , as captured on March 21st 2011, are as follows:

1. ($0.99)
2. Angry Birds ($0.99)
3. Street Fighter IV ($0.99)
4. Angry Birds Seasons ($0.99)
5. Fruit Ninja ($0.99)
6. Plants vs. Zombies ($2.99)
7. Cut the Rope ($0.99)
8. Sonic the Hedgehog ($4.99)
9. Tetris ($2.99)
10. Words With Friends ($1.99)

Here are this week’s top free iPhone and iPod Touch games:

1. Overkill
2. Lane Splitter
3. Doodle Jump: HOP the Movie
4. Brain Trainer
5. Apple Shooting
6. Angry Birds Free
7. Cover Orange Free
8. Jigsaw Jumble
9. Words With Friends Free
10. Jet Fighter Ace: Secret Wars

For those who want to send help, all you have to do is click the “BUY” button in the app store and you’re hitting two birds with one stone.

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