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Email Addresses Reveal Owners’ Personalities

Written on March 12, 2011 by R. Depp

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See here how can you know a person through his or her webmail provider.

In the digital age, people judged each other based on their online presence like usernames, social media profiles and in this case, . A web app called Hunch did a study and surveyed a pool of respondents to check on their personalities based on the webmail providers they use.

Read on below the summary of Hunch’s research findings.

– Their users are most likely to be overweight homemakers ages 35-64. Most of them live in the suburbs and enjoy simple and laid back lifestyle. In general, AOL users are  optimistic extroverts who stays at home most of the time.

– Their users are young men who falls in the age bracket of 18-34. These men are college-educated, single, childless and politically liberal. Also, they are well-traveled and updated with the latest technology. They are either optimistic or pessimistic depending on the situation.

– While Gmail is used by most men, Hotmail is for young women ages 18-34. These women live in the suburbs and seldom travel out of the country. They are introverts and more pessimistic at times.

! – Women ages 18-49 are likely to use Yahoo! as their webmail provider. These women are married, have children and mostly live in rural areas. Their first priority is their family. They are extrovert individuals who are sometime either  optimistic or pessimistic.

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