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Facebook Acquires Beluga Group Messaging

Written on March 02, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Facebook just acquired the group messaging startup, Beluga. That said, can they bury Google even more?

Last Tuesday morning, it was announced that acquired startup — . Started by ex-Googlers Lucy Zhang, Ban Davenport and John Perlow, is a simple communications app for chatting with multiple people at once. It can be done by creating a “pod” or custom-created chat groups.

According to Quick Nikkei News journalist, Om Malik, Beluga can be one possible way for Google to beat Facebook. But it seems that the famous social networking site was able to take on the search engine giant by acquiring Beluga. However, when asked on whether Beluga will still work in its current incarnation, a Facebook spokesperson had this to say:

“For now, Beluga will continue to function as it does today. Beluga accounts and data will not be lost. We’ll be providing more details on future plans for Beluga in the coming weeks.”

So currently, let people see what Facebook could do with this technology.

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